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Wedding Photography

Preserve your precious memories with our wedding and portrait photography services.

We service the Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois region. While majority of our work are in the Midwest, we also love to travel. We certainly welcome destination wedding nationally and internationally.

Ultimately, your prized and cherished memories will unfold during your wedding day. This is a once in a lifetime event, and we want you to live every moment of it! Enjoy it, cherish it, and let us help you document and immortalize those moments and memories. You can take advantage and benefit from our professional wedding photography and portrait services.

Photography by Roland Gozun and portrait services specializes in creative portrait and wedding pictorials all over the Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL. We have taken awe-inspiring wedding portraits and engagement images for every walks of life at various wedding locations, receptions, and special gatherings.

Quality Wedding and Portrait Photography Services in Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL

Here at Roland Gozun photography, we share our passion and are privileged to create lasting portrait photos of couples' wedding memories, as well as, capturing portraits of their families and friends who shared their sacred day with them. Furthermore, we shoot specialized portrait projects in Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL for creative and documentary purposes.

On all our wedding and portrait projects in Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL, we produce professional quality images captured using only the top of the line pro Nikon equipment, lenses, and cameras available today. Our commitment at Roland Gozun photography and portrait services will always be to help our clients conceptualize and achieve the beautiful pictorials for their wedding day.

Professional Photography Services for that special wedding

Roland Gozun Photography is here to shoot high-quality images for that special wedding in Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI. May it be a simple backyard wedding or a 50th Golden wedding anniversary, we are ready to take the challenge of capturing those moments and lovely memories for you.

Roland, together with my wife Jane, we are a husband and wife team that has the experience, passion and talent of capturing your wedding and special events in Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI. We are professional photographers working hard for you! With our creative eye and technical expertise, and passion for shooting weddings, we continuously innovate and create beautiful images. With our experience, we know when to press the shutter to capture those extraordinary moments which uncovers the fascinating story of your special day! Let our professional photography services, excellent customer service and extensive experience be your advantage.

CALL US TODAY! We are standing by to help you plan and conceptualize your wedding photography needs in Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI.

It's a very special time in your lives and we are here to make your special day extraordinary. We consider it an honor and a privilege to create art that documents your priceless moments. Please connect with us via contact us page, email, facebook or call us directly at 847.962.1549