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Roland Gozun Photography


Hi, I'm Roland.

I'm dazzled by life, love and beauty. I'm grateful to wake up every morning with a big mug of coffee and cherish the sunrise. And, I truly adore the buzzing high of that moment.

As a photographer, I see you. I sense your love, your intimacy. I notice the subtle brushes and gentle touch of his hands on your back. I notice the way you look up to him and smirk when you catch his eye. (I admire that!) I see you smile, your eyes brighten and soul open when you're together. I see your love -- your gleaming affection to one another!

I can't wait to show you what it looks like.

This is why I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I believe in love, and in the adventure of living this amazing life together. Roland Gozun photography is only half of the endeavor. Because there's two of us. There is no such thing as Roland Gozun Photography without Jane. She's been there, pretty much from the beginning. She's an amazing woman and she is creatively, half of this aspiration.

Photography is a creative outlet for us. We love getting to know our couples. Some of our very best friends started out as wedding clients. We love building that kind of connection, and how it helps us tell your unique love story.

So let's get together over coffee or meet up at one of the local cafe. We'd love to hear all about how you met, when you knew you fell in love, and all about the incredible future you're building together. Of course, we can go over dresses and details as well. ;-)

Talk to you soon,

Roland + Jane

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