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Roland Gozun Photography


Hi, I'm Roland.

I've been a photographer for over a decade, which has changed my life. I had always loved taking pictures but never thought I could make it a viable career. But when I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue Roland Gozun Photography, little did they know how successful—and rewarding—it would be. Through my lens, I have seen so much beauty, love, and joy. Every morning when I wake up with a big mug of coffee in hand, ready to start the day, I am grateful to witness such beautiful moments that many others may not get to see.

I am a photographer. It's my job to document life through my lens -- all the beauty, joy, sorrow, and love that makes life so unique and extraordinary. But there is something special about capturing those moments between two people who share an undeniable bond; when they look at each other with such admiration and adoration, it takes your breath away.

On the day when all of life's pieces came together, I stepped out into a world that felt like something special. What filled my eyes with perfect delight was you two - standing in an embrace so warm and strong it illuminated your love for each other like words never could!

In awe at this incredible show of love between you two (not to mention how lucky I felt to capture such an intimate exchange), I quickly clicked away at my camera in hopes of preserving these precious memories forever!

It was then I knew - this was something worth capturing! Something worth immortalizing! This feeling….this connection…it can only be described as pure unconditional love – something we all strive for but rarely ever experience firsthand.

I want everyone to see what true love looks like through these photos; To recognize how beautiful life really is when we take time out from our busy lives to cherish those around us – most importantly ourselves! So thank you for allowing me to witness such raw emotion today; For inspiring me with your story and reminding me why I do what I do every single day.....because moments like these (like YOURS) make life so much more meaningful & worthwhile.

Roland Gozun Photography isn't just the work of one person - it's a creative duo! At its heart is a fantastic woman, Jane. She has been part and parcel of this bold endeavor from day one: her talent half-making up what Roland can do alone.

We quickly found that wedding photography was the perfect way to combine our love of people with our passion for capturing special moments on film.

Our enthusiasm for the craft came through in every frame, connecting them with couples who chose them as part-documentarian, part-storyteller for some of life's most important milestones: engagements, weddings, babies being born…and all those other incredible moments in between that bring us joy and remind us why we believe in love so much.

Capturing memories is a privilege that allows us to connect on an even deeper level with our couples. We believe in the power of photos and take pride in creating stunning images that capture your perfect love story for years to come! Our favorite part? Building relationships along the way, some of which have blossomed into beautiful friendships!

For Roland and Jane, there is no better feeling than spending time with amazing people as we create beautiful images together – ones that are filled with emotion and marked by treasured memories. And whether you're looking back at photos taken years ago or enjoying them right now - Roland Gozun Photography is committed to helping you capture your unique story in a way that will last forever!

Talk to you soon,

Roland + Jane

You can reach us via contact us page, email (info@gozun.com), text or call us directly at 847.962.1549