Belvedere Chateau Wedding

Kulaya + Dustin already had a destination wedding in Thailand.  So, it was a reception coverage only that we did for them here in the US.  Our day started at Moraine Valley Community College where both of them went to school.  The day turned out to be beautiful for an outdoor photoshoot right by the campus gateway monument.  After that, we then headed to the Belvedere Chateua in Palos Hills, Illinois where there they held their reception.  Wow!  The family style dinner is incredible!  I could get used to that!  After dinner, it was time for the toss and dancing, dancing and lots of dancing.  I had a great time spending the afternoon and whole evening with them and their whole crew, thank you!  Congratulations you two!

Kulaya+Dustin_3_RG1_1444 Kulaya+Dustin_7_RG1_1455 Kulaya+Dustin_9_RG1_1464 Kulaya+Dustin_10_RG1_1467 Kulaya+Dustin_20_RGO_1311 Kulaya+Dustin_21_RGO_1315 Kulaya+Dustin_23_RG1_1486 Kulaya+Dustin_25_RG1_1490 Kulaya+Dustin_26_RG1_1499-1 Kulaya+Dustin_27_RG1_1503 Kulaya+Dustin_28_RG1_1526 Kulaya+Dustin_31_RG1_1628 Kulaya+Dustin_32_RG1_1649 Kulaya+Dustin_33_RG1_1738 Kulaya+Dustin_34_RG1_1742 Kulaya+Dustin_35_RG1_1757 Kulaya+Dustin_39_RG1_1770 Kulaya+Dustin_40_RG1_1772 Kulaya+Dustin_41_RG4_4524 Kulaya+Dustin_49_RG4_4585 Kulaya+Dustin_50_RGO_1445 Kulaya+Dustin_51_RGO_1458 Kulaya+Dustin_52_RG1_1787 Kulaya+Dustin_54_RGO_1473 Kulaya+Dustin_61_RG1_1835 Kulaya+Dustin_63_RG1_1879 Kulaya+Dustin_65_RGO_1556 Kulaya+Dustin_68_RGO_1660 Kulaya+Dustin_72_RGO_1673 Kulaya+Dustin_73_RGO_1677 Kulaya+Dustin_76_RGO_1718 Kulaya+Dustin_83_RGO_1884 Kulaya+Dustin_93_RG1_1988 Kulaya+Dustin_93_RGO_2088 Kulaya+Dustin_94_RGO_2097 Kulaya+Dustin_96_RGO_2112 Kulaya+Dustin_98_RG1_2022 Kulaya+Dustin_99_RG1_2033 Kulaya+Dustin_103_RG1_2075 Kulaya+Dustin_104_RG1_2083 Kulaya+Dustin_105_RG1_2103 Kulaya+Dustin_106_RG1_2113

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