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Wedding at University Presbyterian Church in Madison
Roland Gozun Photography

Wedding at University Presbyterian Church in Madison

It was a cold yet beautiful winter day in Madison, Wisconsin - the perfect day for Hilary and Nick's wedding. They had chosen University Presbyterian Church and Student Center, nicknamed Pres House, as their ceremony venue, with its gorgeous old-fashioned stone façade and large stained glass windows. As they made their way up the aisle, they were met with smiles from friends and family who had come to share on this special occasion.

The bride and groom entered together to a chorus of applause, each looking resplendent in their formal attire. Hilary had chosen an ivory gown with lace overlay, while Nick wore a white suit with a light brown tie. They looked lovingly into one another's eyes before taking their vows at the altar beneath two large, golden candelabras that shone brightly from above.

The ceremony was filled with joyous laughter and heartfelt tears as the couple exchanged vows of love and promised each other a lifetime of happiness together. After they said “I do”, everyone celebrated with a reception that was just as magical. The warm glow of candlelight illuminated the room as guests shared stories.

Hilary and Nick then posed for a portrait by the church altar, capturing an everlasting moment that would be forever remembered by all who were there. It was a beautiful sight; two people in love surrounded by snow-covered trees on an unforgettable winter day.

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Location: Madison, Wisconsin.