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Wedding at Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel
Roland Gozun Photography

Wedding at Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel

It was a beautiful late fall day as Christine and CJ exchanged their vows in the picturesque Our Lady of Ranson in Niles. As the newlywed couple stepped out into a sea of smiles and well-wishes, there was a sense of joy and anticipation in the air.

As night fell, all the guests made their way to Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, where the reception took place. The ambiance was warm and inviting with its gorgeous decorations, expertly prepared meals, and stylish bar setup.

Christine and CJ began their perfect evening by sharing their first dance as husband and wife while all their friends and family looked on with admiration. With the amazing DJ Richie Gil playing classic wedding tunes, everyone else eagerly joined them on the dance floor. As they spun around the room with glee, it felt like the stars had come down to join the celebration.

The dance festivities continued until late that night with an unforgettable highlight: Dancing In The Clouds! Christine & CJ swayed slowly across a bed of clouds as if they were stepping into a dream. It indeed was an enchanting sight that no one present would soon forget!

The night concluded with heartfelt speeches from family members about what a loving couple Christine & CJ were before everyone danced off into the night with happy memories of this special occasion shared among them all.

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Location: Schaumburg, Illinois.