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Wedding at Hawk's View Golf Club
Roland Gozun Photography

Wedding at Hawk's View Golf Club

The sun was setting, and Hawk's View Golf Club grounds were bathed in a dusky purple-orange light. Madalyn and Terry stood before where they got married earlier, their eyes full of love for each other, their faces glowing with joy. They had been planning this day for months and had wanted it to be perfect.

The bride wore an elegant white gown with an intricate lace veil that swept down her shoulders. The groom wore a tasteful black tuxedo with a crisp white shirt and cream tie. The bridesmaids all wore long, pale pink dresses that matched the summer roses adorning the archway behind them.

The ceremony began, and family and friends looked on as Madalyn and Terry exchanged their vows and sealed them with a kiss. Afterward, the happy couple shared champagne toasts with all in attendance before heading off to take some sunset photographs on the golf course nearby.

The wedding party then adjourned to the banquet hall, where they enjoyed a lavish feast of delicious food catered by local chefs while they talked, laughed, and reminisced about old times together. As night fell, guests made their way out onto the patio, where they danced under twinkling lights strung across the starry sky until late into the evening hours.

When it was almost time for everyone to go home, Madalyn and Terry took one last stroll around Hawk's View Golf Club’s lush grounds hand-in-hand as husband and wife before heading off into their happily ever after.

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Location: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.