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Wedding at Garfield Park Conservatory
Roland Gozun Photography

Wedding at Garfield Park Conservatory

Kady and Jona were so excited for their wedding day at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago, Illinois. They had chosen this location for its elegance and natural beauty, set amongst lush gardens and towering palm trees. As their guests filed into the conservatory, they were amazed by the beautiful glass architecture of the greenhouse, with its warm and inviting atmosphere.

The ceremony was held under a canopy of trees, surrounded by a carpet of colorful flowers and greenery in the Horticulture Hall. Kady wore a stunning lace gown with beaded detail along the neckline, while Jona looked dashing in his crisp tuxedo. Together they exchanged vows and sealed their commitment with a kiss as everyone cheered around them.

The reception was held in the same conservatory hall, where tables were arranged to form an intimate dining space. The tables were adorned with fresh-cut flowers from the garden and white candles that glowed against the soft evening light cascading through the windows of the conservatory walls. Delicious food was served buffet-style while guests danced and laughed together late into the night.

At last, as they said their goodbyes to all of their friends, Kady and Jona stole away from the party to spend a few moments alone among nature’s majesty. They promised each other an eternity of love as they walked hand-in-hand among blooming roses and ferns until finally exiting through those same glass doors where it had all begun earlier that day.

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Location: Chicago, Illinois.