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Wedding at Cantigny Park
Roland Gozun Photography

Wedding at Cantigny Park

Mae and Hanz were an amazing couple. They had been together for many years, and they wanted to find the perfect place to get married. After much searching, they decided on Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois.

The park was filled with lush gardens, rolling hills, and winding paths - perfect for a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony. As the sun rose on their wedding day, Mae and Hanz exchanged vows against a backdrop of beautiful roses. The colors of pink, orange, red, and yellow made a stunning visual impact that would stay in the minds of their guests forever.

The reception was held under the stars in the Red Oak Room. As twilight descended over the park, Mae and Hanz danced together as everyone looked on with joy and admiration. There were speeches made by family members, friends sharing funny moments from their relationship, food that was beyond delicious, and toasts that went on late into the night!

Mae and Hanz left Cantigny Park with beautiful memories that they would cherish forever. It was certainly the perfect setting to celebrate their special day - one they will remember fondly for years to come!

If you're getting married at Cantigny Park and want to find out how we can help you have the beautiful wedding you desire with photographs that have your guests raving about it for weeks, months, or years after, contact us today.

Location: Wheaton, Illinois.